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the only way to survive is to think strategically

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let’s have a toast for the douchebags


Tan Harem Pant
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Why athletes Should make Sleep a priority in their Daily Training
We all know getting enough sleep plays in important role in our athletic performance, and sleep deprivation can have a significant (negative) impact, but just how much does it really affect us?
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 Athletes like Roger Federer and Lebron James get between 11 and 12 hours of sleep per night?
      • A 20-30 min power nap improves alertness by 100%
      • Sleep improves split-second decision making ability by 4.3%

Why Athletes Should Make Sleep a Priority in Daily Training via Zeo Personal Sleep Coach


“My Outfit is not asking for it”

A political drawing, Assignment 3 for Imaginative drawing class.


faber castell pens on bristol and illustration board

I cut out the letters of the words of “My Outfit is not asking for it “ and drew various outfits underneath it. This piece is about the ludicrous belief that a women’s or man’s outfit is an excuse for rape.